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CV Writing Services for all stages of your career

English not your first language?

What will potential employers do when they read your CV or resume?

When an employer advertises a vacancy they will receive a large number of CVs and resumes in response.

Their first task is to reject as many as possible - shortlisting - to make the recruitment process easier for themselves.

If your CV/resume contains spelling mistakes, errors in grammar, or even just doesn't read right, this can immediately

put you at a disadvantage, regardless of your suitability for other aspects of the role. You might be the best person for the

job but because of your weakness in English your CV/resume ends up on the "no" pile and you don't even get an interview.

Don't let a lack of skills in the English language go against you

We are native English speakers and can write your CV or resume in a way that will overcome the potential problems of language and literacy by preparing it in fluent, perfect English, clearly and accurately presenting your skills and capabilities.

As a result the professionally written text will both inform the reader and inspire them to want to know more, resulting in

more interviews.

Send us your details - in your own language if you like - and we will write your CV or resume in fluent, perfect English.

We look forward to working with you!